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Muff Two: The Chafening
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Muff Two: The Chafening

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Welcome to the moment  in which I risk damage to the lady-garden over 42.2 Ks; that's 26 miles in the old money.


Did they use miles in classical antiquity? I DON'T KNOW.  I do seem to recall the Marathon messegner dude carked it when he delivered his message, didn't he?  Oh. I don't know this either.


But I do know that a horribly chafed muff is a pain well worth enduring for the sake of a great arse.  Man.  You should see my arse.  You could crack eggs on that bad-girl.


Being buoyed by the promise of a wonderful bottom can only be beat by the simple feeling that I am running SLASH wheezing to do some good for someone other than myself. 


Of the organisations available for me to choose, I have selected the Indigenous Literacy Foundation.  I’ve had a poke ‘round and this foundation looks good; it seems like a concern short on admin and big on building a meaningful program of education for kids  and adults living, for the most part, in remote communities.


Of course, my motivation here—as always—is selfish. I believe that if we can help implement an engaging program that results in better literacy skills for Indigenous children and adults, we increase our chances of producing a public intellectual or two and, goodness knows, our country is running short on those.


I am doing this because I want something more interesting to read and someone more stirring to whom I might listen. I want more erudite Indigenous voices because, frankly, there’s sufficient white ones. Bit more interesting all ‘round.


So. If you fancy, support selfish Helen on her selfish run.  And, feel free to offer me training, race-day and arse maintenance advice.


And muff liniment. TOGETHER WE CAN BEAT THE CHAFENING. (And if I keep my goal pace up after these months of stinky training, I can beat the Prime Minister's crappy marathon time of 4 hours and 51 minutes. GOODNESS but I'd love to beat Abbott's time.)




Indigenous Literacy Foundation

Indigenous Literacy Foundation

"The Indigenous Literacy Foundation is helping to open the door to our young people's dreams" - Sally Morgan, Ambassador. 
Help us address literacy and improve the lives and opportunities of young Indigenous children growing up in the remotest parts of Australia. The Indigenous Literacy Foundation advocates and raises funds to deliver culturally appropriate books to over 200 remote communities across Australia. The foundation is working in a small number of communities trialling an early literacy project aimed at babies and preschool children. It also translates books into local language and works hand in hand with remote communities on literacy projects. ILF was established in 2006 by educator and bookseller Suzy Wilson and is an initiative of the Australian Book Industry.
"...for some of the parents this is the first time they have sat down and read a story with their child, so it is great that we have these wonderful books available for them" - Port Augusta Community Group.




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